THE WIND WE KNOW IS ONLY A SHADOW OF SOMETHING FAR GREATER. Lightning is falling in sheets. A wind is blowing that is larger than this world. In the middle of the strangest storm in history, an airliner crashes into the ocean and only three young people survive – a brother and his two sisters. But they are not together and the ocean is not on Earth. Alex, Amanda and Tori Lancaster have entered Boreth, a world of ancient devastation and deep evil ruled by Worwil, seven creatures of immense power who existed before any world began. Through this world they must travel into terror and temptation, every choice taking them closer to endless night. And shadowing each of them is a mysterious Being covered with scars. With dark, glistening strands from Lewis, Lovecraft and Tolkien, the cloth of Angel Fall has been woven. But the journey it weaves is not just for Alex, Amanda and Tori, it is for all those who cannot find their way home.

If you know anyone who enjoys dark fantasy, especially young people, I am publishing my entire novel on Wattpad.

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