Words That You Will Not Hear

It is horrifying to see the response of so many people to President Trump’s latest tweeting attacks. Horrifying, but predictable. Predictably, his blind followers defend him as they have from the beginning. Also, predictably, his enemies accuse him of being mentally unstable with a disintegrating personality disorder that makes him dangerous and unfit for the Presidency. In a strange way, both of these viewpoints are the same. They suffer from the same disastrous, moral delusion. They refuse to admit the reality and presence of great evil.

Has President Trump changed from the person he has always been? Not an iota. I have warned you about this since the start of his campaign. Listen to the things he said about women on the Howard Stern show years ago. Look at the way he has treated them. Look at his brutal manner of doing business over his entire career. Look at who his mentor was early in his career, Roy Cohn, an evil man who was at the right hand of Joseph McCarthy and who taught Mr. Trump how to deal with his enemies.

Worshiping nothing but money, celebrity and success, vast numbers of people who claim to be patriotic conservatives viewed Trump’s evil as strength and put him in office thinking he would “drain the swamp.” Fools. Does Satan cast out Satan? Who was it who first asked that question? Do you know? Do you care?

Liberals are no better. They think evil is nothing but mental illness that you can be rid of with therapy. Consequently, they are utterly blind to great evil when it appears in charming, brilliant, but utterly destructive subtlety. Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is part of a continuum of evil that has been destroying America for many years. Liberals are willing to overlook the great evil of Bill Clinton just as conservatives are doing with Trump. Both groups are the same. Both groups are responsible for the destruction of this beloved country.

And make no mistake about it, America as we have known it is gone never to return. There are those who will rejoice at that. They are fools as well. What America will be in the future does not yet fully appear, but great darkness surrounds it.

For me, most tragic of all are the attitudes, words and actions of people who claim to be Christians. Morally blind fools, you have followed utterly blind leaders who told you what you wanted to hear baptizing foulness and calling it Christian. And you yourselves have called evil good and good evil and continue to do so, rejecting every word of truth that is spoken to you. And more than rejecting, attacking it and vilifying those who speak it. Do not think that you are followers of Jesus. The one you really follow will be made very clear. But it will be too late. Do you hear his voice? It is growing louder.

And for all who establish the power of evil by disavowing its existence, judgment isn’t just coming, it is here. You are like those who wander stupidly on a beautiful, empty beach unaware that it is empty because just outside your view a tsunami is forming.


  1. toayminator · July 1, 2017

    Mincing your words, as usual. What do you really think, Coleman?! 😜

    For better or worse, we have who we have as President. I pray for wisdom, guidance, protection and humility for him and those around him almost every day. I hope more Christians will do the same.


  2. toayminator · July 1, 2017

    I should also mention that, while our President is not a savior, as many on the right want him to be, he is also not Hitler, as so many on the left think.

    Hence my comment above- I think prayer for him and those around him is our best option.


    • Coleman Luck · July 1, 2017

      Unfortunately, you do not know who he is. There are many other dark alternatives besides Hitler. We love to think that great evil comes in predictable forms. That’s foolishness and a main reason why we are always trapped when it appears.

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  3. toayminator · July 2, 2017

    I don’t disagree with you. I was not a supporter prior to the election for many of the reasons you have previously enumerated. I was just using the current vernacular of the left is all. Evil comes in many forms and is most insidious when it is attractive in some way. Still, I think he is worth praying for.


  4. Coleman Luck · July 2, 2017

    Absolutely, prayer for our leaders should always continue. Paul urged it and their ruler was Caesar.


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