Dark Illusions Part 3: Coming of the Serpent King

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In my library, I have several volumes about what was once known as the Fairy Faith. These include an extremely rare two-volume set published in 1825 entitled Fairy Mythology.  In the early 1800s belief in fairies was fading away except in isolated rural areas. The authors went to those areas and recorded the Fairy Faith of the old people.

We have no conception of how fairies were viewed in the past because Walt Disney rewrote the mythology making them into cute animated characters.  In Celtic countries, for many generations, people were terrified of fairies. Not only were they considered real, they were viewed as powerful and dangerous.  If they liked you your life would be blessed. If they didn’t they could make your life miserable or even kill you, so, like the gods of old, they had to be appeased with gifts and offerings.  In particular, there was a great fear of fairy abduction.

Of course, today we would laugh at such ridiculous superstitions.  But where did that fear come from? And what of people who reported meeting actual fairies and seeing fairy “lights” in the trees, or said they had been abducted? Should we say that it was all just natural phenomena that primitive folk interpreted as supernatural and the abductions were lies or hallucinations?  The same kind of judgment is made today about those who experience UFO phenomena. They are told it’s swamp gas or the planet Venus or some other simplistic explanation and the abductions are the reports of liars or lunatics.

To us, fairies are only works of fiction such as we find in films like Peter Pan or The Lord of the Rings.  In our bright electrical cities, we have lost touch with the World of the Night that our ancestors knew. But perhaps we should consider a few things.  Because primitive people of the past led isolated lives that doesn’t mean they were fools.   Just as with people today, they had terrifying experiences that they could not explain. Such experiences have been reported down through all of history.  And many of them are strikingly similar.

One student of the phenomena, Boze Herrington, noted a number of similarities between fairy and alien experiences:

1. Both involve “Little People”: Those who saw fairies reported that they had “light changeable bodies” (The Secret Commonwealth of Fairies – Reverend Robert Kirk, 1692). Modern “alien” reports are filled with descriptions of small, mysterious beings.

2. Flying craft: Those who believed in the Fairy Faith described “burning chariots” that could take people away. In 1768 while on a trip, the poet Wolfgang von Goethe described seeing bright hovering lights in the sky that he described as a “pandemonium of will-o-wisps”.  The same kind of hovering lights are reported around the world today and are labeled UFOs.

3. Inter-species breeding: In both modern and “olden” times, reports are filled with stories of forced sexual reproductive activity. In his 1692 book, Robert Kirk states, “Women are yet alive who tell they were taken away when in child-bed to nurse faerie children. When the child is wained (weaned) the nurse dies or is conveyed back.” Very similar reports come after “alien” abductions.

4. Missing time: Over and over modern experiencers report that during an encounter with “aliens”, they would think only a few minutes had passed but would discover it had been hours. The same kind of missing time was reported during fairy encounters. Whole days or much longer would pass without the experiencer being aware of it.

5. Long-term after-effects: While those who experienced fairies might receive positive gifts, many reported madness, warts, blindness, and serious skin problems.  Physical problems are often reported from “alien” encounters. One of the earliest modern abduction victims, Barney Hill, reported that a near-perfect circle of warts appeared on his body after his encounter. Others report strange, foreign objects inserted under their skin.

6. Paralysis: The complete loss of physical control is a common phenomenon among those who encounter “aliens”.  In times past, fairy experiencers reported the same kind of paralysis that they called “Fairy stroke”.

7. Faerie rings and saucer nests: Fairy legends tell of circles in woods and fields where the fairies danced. Modern UFO “landing sites” are much the same. In one UFO site shrubbery had been set on fire and sand fused together.  In another, the earth had calcined and white mushrooms were growing.

8. Strange behavior. Both fairies and “aliens” have done odd, disorienting things to those who encounter them.  Astrophysicist Jacque Vallee, who has researched the phenomena for decades and has written several books about it, believes that all the encounters throughout history to the present time are from the same source and are designed to shatter old belief systems in preparation for a projected “shift in human consciousness.” His seminal book, Passport to Magonia, catalogs a long history of such strange occurrences from ancient history to modern times.

Whether they appeared as the “gods” of ancient paganism, the ancestors, star beings, totem animals, Burmese evil spirits called Nats, fairies, demons, supernatural hags, monstrous creatures, aliens or in thousands of other forms, I propose that they have all been different manifestations of the same evil Powers of Darkness.  In this great, invisible war we confront an enemy that can transform itself in a thousand ways gearing each one to a target culture.  Also, I propose that these cultures have been prepared for such manifestations by the creation of stories planted for that purpose. This is true of our sophisticated culture as well.

The materialistic western society of the 20th and 21st centuries is one that has placed all of its faith in what is observable and replicable under laboratory conditions.  But this has not been spiritually satisfying, so we search for the numinous. Since we no longer believe in the Creator God of the Bible, we search the stars for powerful, godlike beings.  For centuries, we have been looking out at the universe, wondering what it might hold. In the first half of the twentieth-century science fiction began to appear with stories of aliens and alien worlds. So it is no surprise that our Enemy created manifestations geared to meet the manufactured expectations of our culture.

We would mock the idea of gods descending into ziggurats. But aliens descending in strange craft is perfectly believable because, after all, think of all the worlds that might be out there.  To bolster this lying drama, all that’s needed would be to stage a few events such as the physical evidence at Rendlesham forest in England and the crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

We have been programmed to believe that the supernatural is ghostly, ethereal, non-tangible and non-material.

But that isn’t necessarily true. Astrophysicist, Jacque Vallee, does not believe that the UFO manifestations in our skies are from other planets.  Based on the way they operate, he believes that they are interdimensional craft. They enter our dimension from one that we cannot see and vanish back into it as they choose.

And they are not our friends.

They are not here to help us or to save the planet. They are here for an entirely different reason. Their means of transportation I prefer to call “preternatural technology”. Preternatural meaning what is beyond or outside the natural.  Our Enemy and all of his forces are themselves preternatural.  Nothing about them is natural or normal in any sense. They can and do move between dimensions.  What do they create in their own dimension?  Almost anything they want because our laws of physics do not apply there. Using these manifestations, their first strategic objective is to establish their authority and control over us through fear. Almost every “close encounter” with these beings causes terror. As previously described, their victims lose control of their own bodies and minds.

All of this is consistent with the words of the Apostle Paul that I quoted in Part Two.  We are wrestling (fighting against) a host of evil and wickedness in heavenly places.  To Paul, that host was invisible but very real. In his Letter to the Ephesians chapter two Paul calls Satan the “Prince of the Power of the Air”.  He and his Lords of Darkness operate in the atmosphere above us as well as on Earth.  Paul calls Satan the “god of this world”.  Beneath him and under his control are evil beings who can manifest in many ways. Let’s talk about another one of those ways.

The mythologies of the world are full of giants.

From ancient Greece to India and Japan, from native America to England and Ireland, and on and on, the descriptions of these frightening creatures are remarkably similar. They are described as violent and brutish.  They rule over humans and consider humans their slaves. Often they are depicted as eating humans.  In folklore, heroes must confront and defeat them to liberate people.  In Greek mythology, the giant Titans warred against the Olympian gods. Wherever they appear, giants are destroyers full of bloodthirsty chaos. I believe that mythologies enshrine shadows of ancient memory. Myths are actual history woven into stories that are passed down from generation to generation changing forms but maintaining core truths.  They are a form of “history” created before the concept of “recorded history” entered the human race.  Very often, these stories are warnings.

In Genesis 6 we are told of giant, hybrid creatures called Nephilim that lived all over the world and had filled it with great evil. The Flood of Noah destroyed them all.  However, let’s look at Genesis 6:4 again. Speaking about the time before the Flood, it says: “There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward…”   What does that mean?

There is something unexpectedly strange about the story of giants in the Old Testament.

The patriarch Abraham and his family left Ur of the Chaldees.  Directed by God, they traveled to Canaan, the Promised Land.  There they lived as nomads among the Canaanite people. Abraham lived at peace with the local population even buying a plot of ground from one of them to bury his wife.  During his life in Canaan, Abraham experienced a time of war and violence, but not once do we read that he confronted giants. Neither do we read about his son Isaac or his grandson Jacob confronting giants in that land.

Abraham’s descendants leave Canaan.   The Children of Israel, spend 400 years in Egypt.  After they escape from Pharaoh and his army, they travel back to the land of their forefathers.  Reaching the edge of it, they send out spies who report about the current tactical situation.   In the centuries while they were gone, everything had changed.  Living in Canaan now are tribes of giants with names like the Rephaim, the Emim, the Horim, and Zamsummim.  The kingdom called Bashan had a king named Og who was a giant.  His domain was the “land of the giants.”Later we meet other giants named Arba, Anak, and his seven sons (the “Anakim”). Goliath, the giant whom David defeated, had four brothers.

So from the point of their entry into Canaan, for several hundred years, the Israelites were at war with giants. The gene pool of that land had been utterly corrupted just as before the Great Flood.  And just as before the Flood, these creatures had brought the vilest evil. This was the reason that God instructed His people to wipe out certain tribes.  It took a long time to destroy giants from the land.  So here is the question.  Where had they come from?

The implication in the Old Testament is clear.  The evil program that polluted the world before the Flood had started again.  The Lords of Darkness knew that the Children of Israel were coming back to Canaan under the guidance of God so they did everything possible to impede and destroy them. Why?  Because they knew that from Israel would come their Greatest Enemy who would destroy them, the Messiah from Heaven.

But those were not the only giants that had re-entered the world to pollute it.  Native American tribes are full of stories about wars with them.  The Choctaw record war with a race of giants that inhabited Tennessee. The Comanche of the Great Plains spoke of a race of white giants that ruled the land until the Great Spirit destroyed them.  The Navajo recall the same white giants that enslaved the tribes.  The Paiutes have an oral history of red-haired white giants ten feet tall who were cannibals and lived in Nevada. Giants were reported by the Manta of Peru, in Patagonia, the name given by Magellan means land of the giants, and on and on.

On Easter Island, there are huge statues called moai. Researcher Robert M. Schoch Ph.D. writes about the first European voyage that discovered that island led by J. Roggeveen in 1722.  C. F. Behrens, a man who accompanied him, wrote these words about the inhabitants that they confronted there:

“…with truth, I would say that those savages are all of more than gigantic size. The men are tall and broad in proportion, averaging more than 12 feet in height. Surprising as it may appear, the tallest men onboard our ship could pass between the legs of these children of Goliath without bending the head. The women cannot compare in stature with the men as they are commonly not above ten feet high.”

Almost 20 years ago, one research team found unusual information in Ohio. The author, Patricia Mason, wrote in June of 2000:

While doing research on the ancient Mound Builders of the Ohio Valley, Ross Hamilton and I came across some remarkable information. Here in Ohio almost every county history book from the 1800s has a section devoted to the Mound Builders. They usually give a general overview of the Mound Builders, then a description of the mounds in the county and what they found in the mounds that were opened. Here are a few examples typical of the many accounts we’ve collected that remark on the large size and unusual characteristics of some of the human remains:

Historical Collections of Ohio in Two Volumes, Noble County, Ohio:

In Seneca Township was opened, in 1872, one of the numerous Indian mounds that abound in the neighborhood. This particular one was locally known as the “Bates” mound. Upon being dug into it was found to contain a few broken pieces of earthenware, a lot of flint-heads and one or two stone implements and the remains of three skeletons, whose size would indicate they measured in life at least eight feet in height. The remarkable feature of these remains was they had double teeth in front as well as in back of the mouth and in both upper and lower jaws. Upon exposure to the atmosphere, the skeletons crumbled back to mother earth.

 A History of Ashtabula County, Ohio, 1878 (in two separate entries):

In cultivating the soil in the vicinity implements have been found, and in excavating the ground for graves it is said that bones have been exhumed which seemed to have belonged to a race of giants. This land at one time belonged to a Mr. Peleg Sweet, who was a man of large size and full features; and it is narrated that at one time he, in digging, came upon a skull and jaw which were of such size that the skull would cover his head and the jaw could be easily slipped over his face, as though the head of a giant were enveloping his…

(Second entry)

The graves were distinguished by slight depressions in the surface of the earth, disposed in straight rows, which, with intervening spaces or valleys, covered the entire area. The number of these graves has been estimated to be between two and three thousand. Aaron Wright, Esq., in 1800, made a careful examination of these depressions and found them invariably to contain human bones blackened with time, which upon exposure to the air soon crumbled to dust. Some of these bones were of unusual size and evidently belonged to a race allied to giants. Skulls were taken from these mounds, the cavities of which were of sufficient capacity to admit the head of an ordinary man, and jaw-bones [sic] that might be fitted over the face with equal facility. The bones of the upper and lower extremities were of corresponding size.

History of Morrow County and Ohio, 1880:

In 1829, when the hotel was built in Chesterville, a mound nearby was made to furnish the material for the brick. In digging it away, a large human skeleton was found, but no measurements were made. It is related that the jaw-bone [sic] was found to fit easily over that of a citizen of the village, who was remarkable for his large jaw. The local physicians examined the cranium and found it proportionately large, with more teeth than the white race of today. The skeleton was taken to Mansfield, and has been lost sight of entirely.

There are those who would argue that gigantism appears today as a genetic aberration and that is all that these reports represent.  But this makes no sense.  If that were the cause we would see sporadic reports of unusual individual cases.  Instead, we see whole tribes and primitive populations of giants spread around the world. It seems clear that there was an attempt to repopulate and control the land through new generations of these huge, hybrid beings.  But the program of hybridization was not as strong as in the ancient past.  Humans were able to overcome them.

So what of today?

There are those who believe that a new program of genetic manipulation has been going on for decades and it is very dangerous. This view is held by researchers who are not religious in their orientation. As we look at this manipulation, clearly the focus is not on creating physical giants to terrorize and control the human race.  With modern weapons, what would be the point?  Their size would mean nothing to a well-armed drone.  But terror and control is still the objective.

These researchers believe that many humans are experiencing what is termed “alien abductions” that lead to sexual manipulation and the use of their genetic material without their permission.  One of those researchers was the late Harvard psychiatrist, John E. Mack. Dr. Mack interviewed nearly one hundred cases of alien abduction before writing his 422-page book, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, published in 1994.

At the beginning of his research, Dr. Mack confronted disturbing information about abduction phenomena.  “These individuals reported being taken against their wills by alien beings, sometimes through the wall of their houses, and subjected to elaborate intrusive procedures which appeared to have a reproductive purpose. In a few cases they were actually observed by independent witnesses to be physically absent during the time of the abduction. These people suffered from no obvious psychiatric disorder except the effects of traumatic experience and were reporting with powerful emotion what to them were utterly real experiences. Furthermore, these experiences were sometimes associated with UFO sightings by friends, family members or others in the community including media reporters and journalists, and frequently left physical traces on individuals’ bodies such as cuts and small ulcers that would tend to heal rapidly and followed no apparent psychodynamically identifiable patterns as do, for example, religious stigmata.

In short, I was dealing with a phenomenon that I felt could not be explained psychiatrically yet was simply not possible within the framework of the Western scientific worldview.  My choices then were to stretch and twist psychology beyond reasonable limits overlooking aspects of the phenomenon that could not be explained psychologically, such as the physical findings, the occurrence in small children and even infants and the association with UFO’s, in order to keep insisting on a psychosocial explanation that would be consistent with the prevailing Western scientific ideology. Or, I might open to the possibility that our consensus framework of reality is too limited and that a phenomenon such as this cannot be explained within its ontological parameters. In other words, a new scientific paradigm might be necessary in order to understand what was going on.”

Of course, I don’t believe a new paradigm is needed at all, but rather a very old one.

The people who describe so-called “alien” abductions report a wide variety of experiences, yet at their core they are the same.  And there are hundreds and hundreds of these reports available in many books and on the Internet.  Children, adolescents, young men and women, report being transported up into what they believed was an alien craft above the earth where experiments were done on them. All were molested, some were raped with sperm, eggs and even embryos removed. Many report being taken to a kind of nursery where they were allowed to see hybrid children growing up.  Women have been encouraged to “mother” these children so they would understand a human connection.  While they looked human, these small beings were all very odd as though the mingling of the gene pools had not been fully successful.

Reports of alien abduction have been coming in since 1961 with the first reported case being that of Barney and Betty Hill.  So at least for almost 50 years and probably much, much longer, something very strange and sinister has been taking place.  It has affected many thousands of people from childhood through young adulthood.  Significantly, these experiences fade away when adults move past the childbearing years.

Retired Temple University professor, David Jacobs, Ph.D., has been researching this troubling phenomenon for decades.  Over the years from his research, he has written three important books, The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, Secret Life: Firsthand Documented Accounts of Alien Abductions, and Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.  I recommend them.  From the titles alone, it is very clear that Dr. Jacobs is extremely disturbed by what he sees happening.  I emphasize that he does not view this from a religious perspective. He believes that right now many hybrids are living and working around the world side-by-side with humans.  Their purpose for being here is evil and extremely dangerous for all of humanity.

In Matthew chapter 13 Jesus tells a strange story:  Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.  But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them.  Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

Previous to this story, Jesus had been speaking about a sower who plants the good seed of truth into people’s hearts and minds. In some, it grows and bears fruit and in others, it does not.  But in this story, the metaphor has changed.  The bad seed appears to be people.  If the bad seed were simply lies why not go out and uproot it for the good of all? With careful examination, it’s very possible to tell truth from lies and you certainly don’t damage the truth by uprooting falsehood.

In the mid-east for eons, there has grown a vicious weed called bearded darnel.  It is a species of ryegrass that looks very much like wheat until it is mature. But if you harvest both together then grind and eat the mixture the result can be deadly. Darnel can cause drowsiness, apathy, trance, convulsions, trembling, slurred speech, vomiting and even death.  It kills sheep and cattle.  When it is mature it is easy to tell this seed from real wheat because darnel is much smaller.  I ask this for the sake of thought: In the story isn’t Jesus referring to the “planting” of false “people” who can’t be told from the real until a certain moment? In what sense could they be false? Clearly, they are servants of evil.  In the illustration, the weed is an entirely different species though it looks like wheat.  In part, could Jesus be referring to a hybrid program that “plants” into the world an evil, destructive species that only appears to be human?  That is a radical interpretation, but perhaps something to consider.

So where is all of this going?

I’m only a storyteller, but I see a vast story moving toward a conclusion, a story that has been unfolding for thousands of years. I’ve tried to lay out some of the parameters of that story. I’ve tried to tell you who the real Enemy is and it isn’t “aliens” from another planet. So let me tell you the story that I see.  If you wish, think of it as pure fantasy, just a wild creation from a Hollywood writer.  But remember, what seems unbelievable now may be very believable in the future.

Often I think of my mother and what she experienced.  She was born in Oklahoma in 1910 and grew up in a family of poor sharecroppers. As a child, family transportation was a horse and wagon.  Strange contraptions called automobiles very slowly entered her world along with amazing technology called telephones, which you shared on a party line with a physical operator who placed your calls. That is if you could afford such a luxury.  When she was young if you had told my mother that during her lifetime a man would walk on the moon and you would see it on “television” and things called personal computers would link the world, she would have thought you were insane. And so it is with us today about what is coming in the near future.  But when that time comes, what will be hidden from public knowledge will be far more amazing than the technology that everyone can see.  And all of it will work together.

In this story I’ve incorporated my understanding of Bible prophecy coupled with projections based on what is happening now. Imagine that the mingling of the iron and clay that the prophet Daniel predicted would take place during the End of Days has been going on with great force for at least 50 years and probably longer.  Just as it was before the Great Flood of Noah, hybrids who are the result of genetic mingling are living among us.  They are not the creations of God, but the creations of Satan and his dark lords. They do not have human souls. The spirits that possess them are spirits of evil. They do not think or live as humans do though they attempt to appear fully human. As Dr. Jacobs and others have observed, there is something disturbingly “different” about these creatures. They lack compassion, the ability to empathize with others.  I believe the reason for this is because they are not independent beings.  They do not have free will.   Like some species of insects, they are part of a great hive and their lives are controlled by the unseen Lords of that hive.

Imagine that for decades, these hybrid beings have been moving into assigned positions at every level of society around the world.  Some have become powerful leaders.  Their initial purpose is to influence culture toward moral darkness, anger, hatred and disbelief in God.   But there is a larger purpose. These mingled hybrids will further mingle with advanced Artificial Intelligence and humans who have given themselves to Satanic Darkness. But the mingling will not work well causing conflict within the hive and with many humans whom they are trying to rule.

At the time of this writing, tech titans such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are talking about the great advantages of a “brain/computer interface” called BCIs.  They already exist in primitive forms.  Some are non-invasive, reading neural signals through the scalp.  These can also transmit signals back into the brain using techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation.  Invasive systems involve implanting electrodes into the brain.  These are being used right now experimentally to help people who suffer from paralysis.

It’s not hard to believe that in the very near future all of this is going to become much more sophisticated. Different Interfaces will appear.  At a certain point, everyone on earth will be offered the opportunity to join the hive through an ultimate interface that does not require the invasive placement of electrodes in the brain.  It will be powered by the body.  Of course, what they are joining won’t be called a hive.  It will be sold as valuable membership in a worldwide community whose goal will be the establishment of peace through deeper understanding.  Great benefits will be offered for accepting the Interface, including participation in a Collective Intelligence which will advance personal knowledge and interpersonal “relationships” beyond anything imaginable today.

At that time, money will still be an essential tool of evil, so there will be levels of membership.  The lowest level will be free.  Higher levels will be offered on a graduated basis.  Wealth will gain you far greater benefits including direct contact with the Dark Lords themselves who will masquerade as advanced intelligences.  The benefits of membership will include greatly improved health and increased longevity. There is an old saying, “The Devil rules by fashion”. It will be very fashionable to have higher levels of membership.  People will be told that those with an Interface are the next step in human evolution or what is called H2 by the scientists who are working toward it right now. The promise will be that “you will be like a god”. In exchange for godlike benefits, the hive will enter your mind, knowing and secretly influencing every choice you make down to how you brush your teeth.

Hive members will participate in a new worldwide religion of unity that will offer euphoric experiences of worship which will seem to validate the false spirituality being presented. Much of this worship will focus on nature with the view to saving the environment because the Earth is spiritually alive. Worshipers will become one with the lovely spirits in animals, rocks and trees while their pineal glands are manipulated sending little squirts of DMT flooding their brains. It will be the Eleusinian Mysteries times 100.  Worship will be addictive and very satisfying. And home life will be so much deeper. For those who can afford it, there will be interfaces for their pets.  They will be able to converse with their dog and cat “children”.  This benefit alone will sell the technology to millions.

After an initial period, hive membership through an implanted Interface will be mandatory. There will be many uncooperative humans who will secretly join together to stand against it, but that will be almost impossible.  Those humans who refuse the Interface will suffer and many will die. They will not be able to buy or sell and they will be hunted.  The security systems that are being established with facial recognition in cities around the world are only the start.  There will be brain recognition the moment any person enters a collective area.  Anyone without an Interface will be recognized instantly.

Members of the hive will view non-members as less than human, just as were the Jews during the Holocaust, and dangerous to the welfare and unity of the world. Great rage will be focused at them.  Concentration camps will be built to house them. There they will be given a final opportunity to accept “membership” in the “community”. Refusal will bring death.  Mass extermination will be far more sophisticated than with the Nazis and much better hidden from public view.  People will be vaporized leaving nothing of their bodies but their teeth.  Or their bodies will be used for organ donation as happens in China right now. Why all of this effort? Because the one thing the hive cannot do is force a person to receive the Interface.  It must be voluntary.   Brave souls will die rather than be enslaved. Ultimately, all those who believe the lie and accept this spiritual Technology of Evil will be lost forever.

One of the difficulties in telling this story is the challenge of simultaneity.

During the period I am describing, many things will be going on at once.  While great changes are taking place within the human population, just as great physical changes will be taking place in the environment of Earth. They are beginning now. No matter what effort is made, no matter what laws are passed, the environment of this planet is going to grow more and more dangerous through greatly increased cataclysms including earthquakes, fires, floods, pandemics, and every possible kind of natural disaster.  Also, there will be catastrophic wars. Very likely nuclear weapons will be used.

Jesus said these words in Matthew chapter 24 “Take heed that no one deceives you.  For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

That “beginning” has been going on for a long time. Think of what has happened since 1900.  Untold millions have died from war, famine, and pandemics.  Surely we are in the “beginning of sorrows” and the sorrow is going to grow far more overwhelming.

At the end of the Book of Daniel in chapter 12 the prophet is told these words:

At that time Michael (a powerful archangel) shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; and there shall be a time of trouble,
such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone who is found written in the book.
And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

1900 is an arbitrary date, but think how much knowledge has increased since then and how it is exponentially increasing right now. All the knowledge that ever existed before 1900 is nothing compared to what is available at this moment. And much more is coming.

While knowledge increases and the hive takes control, while terrible cataclysms and catastrophes are happening around the world, millions of lives will be lost and people will lose faith in the governments of the world.  In the ensuing chaos, there will be a desperate desire for stability and protection. People will gladly give up all freedom for security and food. There will be a vast outcry for world government to establish peace and deal with natural catastrophes.  The establishment of that world government will be the goal of the hive.

During that time, a world leader of great charisma and ability will arise. In reality, he may be the Ultimate Hybrid.  The spirit that lives in him will be Satan himself. He will be the Serpent King. This man will have preternatural powers and do many of the miracles done by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago including healings.  Because of his charm and seeming compassion, both men and women will fall in love with him. But he will have enemies.  He will be assassinated, then rise from the dead. At that point, millions will believe that he is the Messiah and the “real” Jesus Christ.

This Hybrid Dictator will not operate alone. Working directly under him will be a powerful individual who takes the dictator’s message to the world. In my opinion, this individual will be either another hybrid or the most advanced Artificial Intelligence in a cyborg form.  With his “mind”, he will control all media, including surveillance media throughout the world. He will be able to see through the eyes of people who have the Interface and speak directly into their minds. With vast computing resources, his intelligence and knowledge will seem godlike.

Both the Hybrid Dictator and his spokes “person” will be completely devoid of human compassion.  What human emotion they convey will be a brilliant act. In reality, they will be filled with inhuman rage and hate. The Bible calls these leaders Beasts in Revelation chapter 17. The Dictator will worship a “god of fortresses” as predicted in Daniel, which means the worship of raw power for its own sake. Also, the fortresses could be other dimensions of reality where Satan has established strongholds.

These two vile beings will display their power for all the world to see.  Revelation 13:3 speaks of amazing demonstrations “even causing fire from heaven to come down to earth”.  Think about that for a moment.  The militaries of the world are capable right now of reigning terrifying destruction from the sky in a great variety of ways.  But the “fire” that comes down from heaven in these demonstrations will be far beyond anything possible that has been created on earth. Could it come from a vast, so-called “alien” armada in the stratosphere? Could it come from monstrous, triangular shaped craft that have been seen over some of our cities? Whatever the source, it will prove to everyone that no power on earth can stand against it.

At some point, during the establishment of this Hybrid Dictator’s rule, a so-called “Full Disclosure” about “aliens” will take place.  The entire charade will actually disclose only lies, but millions will believe them.   Humans will be told that for eons a vast force of “righteous aliens” has been working secretly to save us from ourselves and to save the Earth from our depredations because somehow what happens here affects their “planet”.  They will say that they have sent us avatars and many spiritual leaders to try to teach us how to live and not destroy our environment, but we have not listened.

They will say that the Jesus of history was just one of their avatars.  They will offer “absolute proof” that Jesus of Nazareth never died and rose again and that we have misunderstood His message of love.  Also, they will tell humans that they have been protecting us from a vast force of “evil aliens” sometimes called “reptilians”, who have been trying to destroy us.  In reality, both of these groups are the same and have the same goal, our destruction, one part disguising itself as evil and the other as “angels of light”.

Of course, the Hybrid Dictator will be in league with the “righteous aliens”.  With their help, he will conquer many lands all in the name of world unity and will bring a period of peace through his iron control exercised both militarily and through his hive. Part of that unification will be the combining of many armies into a world army.   The reason he will give for doing this is to prepare for a “cosmic war” with the “evil aliens” who are going to come in force to destroy us.  The truth?  He will be preparing for a great battle with Jesus, the King of Kings, and His Heavenly armies.  When the King returns in power, the Hybrid Dictator and all those who have sided with him are doomed.

So there is the story as I see it. As far as reality is concerned, in my understanding of Bible prophecy, two great events must take place before the End of Days come crashing upon us.  The first is the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and the re-establishment of sacrifices there in accord with their ancient Law.  The second is the rebuilding of Babylon the Great which will be the center of the Hybrid Dictator’s power and authority. It’s possible that these events will be almost simultaneous.  Probably it will take the overwhelming power of the world ruler making an agreement of protection with Israel for the Temple to be rebuilt.  The pace of history seems to move at two speeds, either with what appears to be glacial slowness or with the strike of a lightning bolt.   I believe that right now we are in preparation for the lightning strike.

To those who accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, I say that I believe in only one conspiracy, the Great Conspiracy of Satan against God and His Messiah. We’ll talk more about that in Part Four.

You are invited to experience my dramatic podcast, Dagon’s Illusion with Coleman Luck.



One comment

  1. Wesley Cassidy · November 18, 2019

    Coleman, I appreciate the breadth of your knowledge and grasp of so many of the often obscure and forgotten stories and legends of the past and your insights into synthesizing them into the unimpeachable veracity of the Word of God. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your understandings in the coming sequels. Respect.


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