The Singing Place

You are invited to read The Singing Place.

It is almost Christmas and two brokenhearted men are about to meet. For years, Jorge Mendoza has been working hard at Children’s Hospital, cleaning restrooms, making beds, doing the things that others do not want to do…and all to bring his wife and little daughter to America.  Through those years, Jorge has brought joy to others.  He is a puppet maker and he gives away his creations to suffering children.  But now, just before Christmas, he learns that his wife and little girl will not be allowed to join him.  Eddie Gartman is a young man who is locked in the narrow world of Down Syndrome.  His mother has died and his whole world is turning upside down.  On his way to a special home for people with his condition, Eddie jumps out of the car and runs.  His journey takes him through the streets of Los Angeles, as he searches for “The Singing Place”.

These two men, who do not know each other, are about to meet. In that meeting they will learn that miracles are never free and the greatest miracles always cost the most. This screenplay is dedicated to the memory of Coleman’s little sister, Virginia May Luck, whose life had such an impact on others, though she suffered from Down Syndrome.


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