DMT – Millions are using it to find “transformation” and “transcendence”. But is that what they really find? Take a look at our latest episode.


  1. David Zaharik · February 4

    I hope this gets to you Coleman for I believe it is me and my son you are referring to near the end.

    Alex actually did two trips… the first one was mind blowingly beautiful but as he was leaving (?) he was told in no uncertain terms he was not to return again. He ignored their admonishment and had a horrible, terrifying experience, like you say, one he didn’t think he would survive.

    Your video is fabulous!

    I hope this note finds you and Carol well.

    The Lord’s return is nigh…

    Best regards in Christ David



    • Coleman Luck · February 4

      David, thanks so much for getting in touch. My memory is so bad. I remembered the story about your son, but I had forgotten who told it to me. I hope all is well for you and your family, especially your son. We are doing well for our creaky old ages. I turned 77 last November. I don’t think we will meet face to face in this world, but let’s definitely meet for a Heavenly coffee in the New Jerusalem. Our King is coming.


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