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  1. Neal Letteney · July 30, 2016

    Coleman, I’m so grateful to you for sharing your insights on Nitzsche’s “Over Man” as the concept relates to Donald Trump. I am the pastor of a church in the Milwaukee metro area. While I do not make political endorsements from the pulpit (which I consider highly inappropriate), I do my best to point people toward wisdom and godliness. Consequently, I have shared your article with a number of people, and I have posted it to my personal (not the church’s) Facebook page. Since then, I have received several encouraging responses from people who, a) read the entire article, b) did so with an open mind, and c) responded appropriately – with concern for our nation and for the direction of the American church. Sadly, I have also received several discouraging responses, from people who, a) seem to have read only enough of the article to perceive that its message raises concerns about Trump, b) became offended at the notion, and c) responded with either a salvo of rancorous language or with an article of their own. Both the rancor and the articles have generally showcased the very attitudes which your “Over Man” article called out so eloquently.

    I have also heard from numerous people (as I have no doubt you have) with two responses in particular: 1) “You could insert Hillary’s name or Obama’s name in that article in every place where Trump is named.” And, 2) “Well, you have to vote for one of the two or you’ll fail in your duty as an American.” John Sununu recently said, “America is now doomed to an election cycle in which each nominee’s greatest asset is the shortcomings of the other.” As for me, I have taken to calling Election Day, 2016, “American Sophie’s Choice Day.” My call to the church has been and continues to be: follow Christ and keep your conscience clean. A vote for either candidate (R) or candidate (D) would leave me with a polluted conscience and I will make no such choice.

    I very much appreciate your writings and, moreover, your insights. I will continue to follow you hereafter and I hope to be in touch with you from time to time. May God keep you in His will.


    • Coleman Luck · July 30, 2016

      Thank you, Pastor. My personal belief is that these are the days of winnowing in the American church. It will get very dark, but the King is coming. Blessings on you, your family, and your ministry.


  2. Neal Letteney · July 30, 2016

    Sorry, Coleman, I forgot to click the box, “Notify me, etc.” I am posting this comment only so that I can check that box.


  3. Susan Erwin · August 24, 2016

    I read a LOT of articles about Trump, and listen to a lot of conservative pundits, but I have never read anything as thought provoking and as accurate as this excellently written article! I am a Christ follower, and have many close Christian friends who think I’ve lost my mind for not “jumping on the Trump train”! And of course, in their minds, I must be supporting Hillary since I cannot bring myself to vote for Trump! When I attempt to imagine how I would feel about myself on the morning after election day, all I can think about is how dirty and degraded I would feel, almost like after a sordid one night stand with a stranger. He is so dangerous for this country, and I have really struggled with this decision, but your article has completely made it easy for me to move on with my life, and even though it will be my first missed election as a voting adult, I will stay home and have a nice quiet dinner with my hubby instead!


    • Coleman Luck · August 24, 2016

      Thanks your comment, Ms. Erwin. I posted it on my Facebook page without your name attached.


  4. Donald Longacre · August 15, 2020

    I am also a Wheaton grad and the keeper of the Wheaton High Schools Alumni club mailing list (about 6,000). May I add you so we can send you 6-7 emails a year about our two reunion/get together events? Thanks
    Don Longacre


  5. bILLY KELLER · February 4, 2021



    yOUR FAN


    • Coleman Luck · February 5, 2021

      Thanks so much for being a fan. I’m afraid I don’t have any printed photographs.


      • Neal Roys · March 23, 2021

        Julie Roys of The Roys Report would like to record a podcast with your regarding your book Day of the Wolf. Julie’s articles and podcasts can be found at RoysReport.com. Julie’s writing led to the unmasking and firing of now exposed “Pastor” James MacDonald in the Chicago area.

        Are you willing to record a podcast with Julie to promote your book?
        Please contact me by email at

        Thank you,

        Neal Roys
        Producer of The Roys Report


      • Coleman Luck · March 23, 2021

        I’m very familiar with Ms. Roys’ work and have deep respect for it. I’d be happy to participate in her podcast. We certainly are living in the day of the wolf. My email is colemanluck@gmail.com.


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